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Chinese Herbal Consultation

Initial $40*
Follow-up $30*
*Plus price of herbs

About this service

Chinese herbal medicine usually uses a combination of several herbal supplements mixed together in a herbal formula. The herbal formula is custom built to match the presentation of the individual. Herbal formulas can come in many different forms. A customized formula tends to be available in the granular form. It is also possible to get them in raw form. Other options (which can be combined but not personalized) include pill, tincture, or capsules. For more on each medium and the pros and cons please see the FAQ page.
The price of the formula depends on the herbs used and the weight of each herb used. The herbal formula will be mixed after the appointment. It can then either be shipped or have a time set for pick-up. It likely will be ready 1-2 days after the appointment.

Initial Herbal Appointment

An initial herbal consultation is about 45 minutes long. It allows for a detailed conversation about your health history. The price of the herbal formula will vary.

Follow-up Herbal Appointment

Follow up herbal consultations are 30 min long. They have a shorter conversation about your health. This appointment allows for adjustments to the herbal formulas previously made.

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