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Group Meditation

$50 for the month or
$20 per class

About this service

Meditation can be many different kinds of practices. Mindfulness meditation is one of the more common forms of meditation practiced today, but there are many, many more. Each individual may have trouble with one style of meditation over another. Some meditations can involve movement, like yoga or tai chi. And some are seated or posture based meditations. Some may use mantras or repeating phrases to help achieve the meditative state. But almost all will try to get you to the point of calm, clear and stable mental state.
Our group class is designed to introduce you to different meditation styles, hopefully finding one that truly resonated with you. The other benefit of the group class is learning from one another's experiences. The group classes are led by Hugh Muffoletto (see bio for more info). He has used meditation for many years. He was first introduced to meditation through his martial arts studies.
Private meditation instruction is usually with Isaac Muffoletto (see bio for more info). He has a certification in mindfulness meditation. Although he has had a shorter experience, he was introduced to meditation at a young age. The private lessons can be catered to what you want or need to learn about meditation.

Group Class

First class free! The group meditation class is led by Hugh Muffoletto. He has used meditation for many years starting with martial arts disciplines. The group class is great for all levels. Meditating in a group setting is a little different. It allows you to learn from each other's experiences as you progress. The classes don't focus on one particular style of meditation. The goal is to introduce you to different practices, to help you find the most beneficial practice for you.

Private lessons are led by Isaac Muffoletto. These can be catered to your specific needs. Each session allows time to go over some of the prior sessions teachings and add in new material. Often incorporated in the session is some portion of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory. Isaac is an acupuncturist and herbalist. Being the foundation he tends to build his meditation practices off of.

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